Kemper service and repair time?

  • 250 + units waiting to be serviced, 6 to 8 weeks wait time to get looked at? Doesn't seem like that would be acceptable. As a new Kemper owner is it just me or is anyone else troubled by this?

  • they never got 250 units waiting for repair

    they want you to pay the fee for faster repair for nothing

    even when they have 250 units waiting with that politic

    they scam everybody who don't want to pay this rush fee

    when you pay another guy has to wait longer

    this sucks !!

  • I hate such things as «pay to skip the queue» with a passion. :cursing:

    I’m at week three without Kemper here right now. No news. Nada.

    I did some tracking with the Slate TH-U plugin. I gotta say... that workflow is not for me ^^ Kind of stressing. And I what I actually miss the most is the tuner window. I usually have that open to check tuning and intonation constantly. The tuning thing on the plugin were all over the place. ^^

  • I’m mad as hell guys. You know that «I should’ve NEVER have done this» feeling? Like a total crash at a live show because you run a beta os?

    I just called Posten. They are still waiting for any feedback from the german post office. And it could take months for any news. MONTHS!!


    I should never have sent the Kemper away.
    Apparantly. That was a gamble, and I just lost. I can’t hold up everything for MONTHS...

  • deadpan>>> You really ought to contact Kemper regarding this scam. I cannot imagine they want to be affiliated with such companies.

    dahla>>> That’s unfortunately what happens once in a while, if using the government funded parcel service. I never use that. It’s a lot slower and they lose far more parcels than the private companies. The private companies seem to have a better and more reliable system that ensures a better and safer delivery.

    And....the government funded parcel service is more expensive as well so a lot seems to select the private parcel companies instead. There’s not much where you can say, that the government funded company has the upper hand. I know that they also are forced to do specific services on which they cannot make a profit. But since everything sucks about their service and system, people tend to take their businesses elsewhere. At least in Denmark.

    It so happens that I am awaiting a used Boss HM-2 pedal I bought last Wednesday. He send the pedal the day after. It’s now a week ago and it’s being send with the government funded parcel company. 200 km within this rather small country. Crazy. Had he used a private company it would have been in my possession Saturday.

    But hindsight is rarely nothing but 20/20. Hope you get it back.