Which expression pedal works?

  • I have a Mission Engineer EP1-TC for Tc Electronic G-System expression pedal. Will this work with Kemper and Kemper remote like it should be or should I buy Mission Engineer EP1-KP Expression pedal?

  • any expression pedal will work. I have an EP1 RJM, FV500H and a Zoom. They all work.

    the differences are all about how robust they are and the travel/sweep of the pedal. So it is a matter of a) how much abuse it is going to get and b) what feels good to you.

    personally, I hate my Mission for anything other than Wah because of the restricted pedal travel but it is awesome as a Wah pedal. On the other hand the Boss and Zoom both work brilliantly for other stuff lime volume and morphing but the Boss is clearly MUCH more robust but also enormous.