***Kemper rack version, non powered version, for sale**** Rarely used.

  • I have been musically inactive a long time and havent used my profiler in 2 years. Safe to say i dont want it anymore as i bought a mini tube amp head to play with.

    And even that is barely touched so i see no point in keeping my gear.

    Kemper rack version non powered version for sale

    I'm letting it go for 1450$ SHIPPED. I'm in the boise, id, area. Non smoking house. NEVER taken outside or anything. Has tons of commercial profiles and personal ones. ZERO burned out led's or issues. Shows its not been used much because i know its a common issue with kempers.

    I will not accept paypal as (no offense) people can scam, damage your kemper then send it back and i simply lose. Its too pricey for me to take that risk.

    I will except western union as the fees are the cheapest. I made the kemper price 1450$ shipped as i also have to pay the western union fees and shipping myself. So my loss, your gain.

    I can make a video showing it functions and its maybe been turned on 100 times in 4 years? I'm just too picky and i found an amp i love. So yes its been collecting dust in its box i just never got around to getting rid of it as i didnt wanna deal with it. It still has its original box and manuals too.