Potential Power Amp Damage

  • Hi,

    I recently purchased the Kemper Powerhead.

    I absentmindedly plugged the Speaker Output of the Kemper into a 'Line6 Spider' Guitar Amplifier. This was for a brief period and I only played very briefly through it before realising my error. I'm worried I may have damaged the Power Amp / Speaker Output.

    I have subsequently plugged the Speaker Output to an unpowered Cabinet and things seem fine but I've not used the Speaker Output before and I'm not entirely sure what I should be looking out for with regards to damage.

    Also, will using damaged XLR/Jack leads on the Monitor Output and Main Output potentially damage these outputs? This happened to me on a show recently and it was out of my control to resolve the situation.

    Many thanks

  • Thanks! The Line 6 was just some ropey house amp so I'm not bothered about that!

    As long as I haven't damaged the KPA. I'm guessing I'd know about it if I blew the Power Amp? I assuming it either goes or it doesn't, it's not really a gradual thing?

  • Not my cables........was a slightly dodgy venue......didn't realise until halfway through the set when the signal was cutting out and wasn't able to switch them!

    I agree, chuck them immediately........but there is no risk danger in damaging anything at the KPA end is there?


  • Make sure you don't connect the SPEAKER OUTPUT of the PROFILER with any grounded equipment!

    From the Main Manual:

    ¨   WARNING!

    Never connect an active device to the power amp output! Any active devices (such as power soaks) that have a grounded circuit will destroy the power amp by creating a short circuit.

    Only passive speaker systems should be connected to the SPEAKER OUTPUT.

  • Thanks Burkhard. Given the Power Amp seems to be working fine it looks like I got away with it.......There doesn't seem to be any damage. Could there be any partially damaged or any anything like that?