Using a Daw w/effects in the Effects loop of the Kemper

  • Using a Daw w/ VST effects INTO the Effects loop of the Kemper

    Has anyone tried this??? I can imagine its a routing pain?

    Thinking you would have to set up a separate input and output in your Daw with only the VST effects in that signal path.

    There are so many effects via VST's , Is latency a issue?

    Think of the possibilities!!

  • It should be fine with one caveat, Joe - the timing factor.

    Time-based FX

    Delay Set to 100% Wet

    Depending upon how low you can get your throughput latency (Kemper->interface->DAW input->Channel processing->DAW output->interface->Kemper loop return), timing discrepancies mightn't be noticeable, but if said timing is intrinsic to a composition, you might be better off adding the delay during mixing.

    'Verb Set to 100% Wet

    In all cases but the smallest of room simulations, the additional delay will simply add to the predelay parameter and not be noticeable. IOW, the time taken before one hears the first of the early reflections will be greater, which may matter if you're trying to simulate a small room, but anything larger will employ a sizeable (in terms of ms) predelay factor that should mask minor additional latency.

    Phaser, Flanger & Chorus Set to 100% Wet

    The extra latency shouldn't matter in these cases. The processing will kick in a little later during a note or chord's sustain, which, when the delay is large-enough, will have the effect of leaving note attacks unchanged except when following other notes without gaps, such as during legato playing. This could be a desirable characteristic depending on what you're after.


    Compression, Limiting, EQ and Saturation

    ... are best avoided in this situation IMHO. Whichever process you employ is going to require that you mix the affected signal back in with the original, which will cause phase issues. Plugins of this nature that feature a mix-% parameter are a Godsend, but it won't do you any good regardless of the setting 'cause you'd be recombining the signals after one of them, the affected one, has been delayed.

    HTH, mate.

  • Thank you for the information,

    I was thinking using the internal compressor and the wah of the kemper. I think both are excellent.

    and then all drives and some modulation via the vst's before the amp. Tons of vst's for these options.

    slot A compressor

    slot B wah

    slot C effects loop PC/vsts's

    slot D open for anything

    Kemper Delays, Reverbs, some modulation effects after the amp, But you can also use vst effects after the amp without an effects loop.

    Just shut off the effects after the amp in the Kemper. My guess is this will dramatically help any latency.

    In my mind the best place for the the loop primarily is after the input and before the amp.

    Note: My Kemper rack is for studio use.

    I don't think anything like this is feasible for someone gigging , Its more of experimental thing for creating sounds in a studio setting.

    Will be trying this over the weekend when I have more time to mess with it.