Strange hum when powered head is turned off - disapears when it's switched on.

  • hey there. so i had noticed a while ago on my mixer that when the Kemper is completely switched off, even when i pull the power chord .. i have a slight hum coming out of the main outs (the direct and monitor outs which i have connected to record dry and fx are silent as you can see):

    here's a recording with the signal boosted by about 30dB:

    not sure what to make of it, the toaster is working fine as far as i can tell, i think i faintly remember that this has always been there but to be honest i just forgot to investigate sooner since it doesn't bother me, when the Kemper isn't on the channel is muted anyways.

    when i turn the Kemper on about a third through the progression bar the hum disapears. When the Kemper is powerd up and i pull down the volume pedal all the way the hum is not present.

    my toaster is connected to my interface/mixer with a good quality balanced/DB25 snake.

    could it be a fault in the kemper or is this normal ?


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