Profiler Stage Availability

  • Hi Everyone,

    My first post! I just discovered the Kemper amps, and I am very excited about the Kemper Stage; however, it appears no one has it in stock. Does anyone know when the Stage will be available or know of anyone who has any in stock? I am in Hawaii, so I'm looking for some with reasonable shipping costs. Also, I've been fixated on the Stage, but should I also be considering other models? I will primarily be using it for recording and composing, but would like to also use it for the occasional performance. I like the compact nature of the Stage, but should I look at getting a toaster and a foot controller?

  • Welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper - once it arrives. Sorry, being located in Germany and not more than 100KM away from the company itself I have no idea how the availability looks on your beautiful island. But I'll keep fingers crossed that you find a way to get it - it is definitely worth it :thumbup:

  • Welcome.

    Aren’t the big US chains like MF etc. located in Hawaii as well?

    They should have Kempers in stock regularly.

    I'm on Maui, and we don't have any big music stores. Our only real music store, Bounty Music, doesn't carry them. It looks like I will just have to wait for them to become available on the mainland.

  • They are very difficult to come by in the US. I recommend placing an order with Sam Ash or Sweetwater to get yourself in the queue. I’m waiting on mine to hopefully arrive next week.

    Good luck!

    I finally put in a pre-order at Perfect Circuit. They had a 10% coupon, and they have a reasonable shipping policy to Hawaii. They said they'd split the actual shipping cost with me, which is about as good as I can hope for. Now, I just have to be patient a wait for it to show up. Perfect Circuit is a smaller store, so they may not be one of the first stores to get them in. I'm truly looking forward to getting this.

  • Cool! I hope it does ship quickly. Sam Ash thought they had some coming in last Friday, but now Kemper is telling them that it won’t happen until the end of March. Sweetwater gave me a similar time frame. It looks like I’ll be waiting a few more weeks.

  • Sweetwater called me last Thursday and said they came in and would ship out that day. When I completed the order I also added on the over-priced carrying bag for the Stage. They shipped Fedex Express and there was a box waiting for me when I got home. Problem was that the box only had the carrying bag. I wasn’t able to get in touch with my sales guy until today. Some sort of mix up with a new warehouse. The good news is that the replacement was shipped Fedex Priority and will be here by 10:30a tomorrow!! Looks like the long wait is finally over!

  • My Stage came in on time this morning and is amazing! I plugged into my laptop running the latest rig manager and it automatically updated to the latest OS VERY easily! I had no connectivity issues with my Stage at all! After it finished the first reboot after the upgrade, I simply double clicked on a performance I had created on a friend’s Kemper back in January and there it was instantly waiting for me on the Stage.

    Can’t wait to play some more with it!

  • I am happy to say that my Kemper Stage arrived yesterday. I have been playing with all morning today, and I can't tell you how happy I am with this thing. It's amazing! I wish I could be as happy with the Rig Manager. It's file management leaves a lot to be desired, but I won't let that get in the way of having a great time with my new Stage. Aloha to all, and I hope you are all healthy and safe.