Lead volume boost - best practice for the performance mode

  • Hi All,

    I would like to ask the community for the best way to programm and handle volume. I have several rigs with rythm and solo sounds and have difficulties in getting a consistent volume (increase) over all rigs/Performances for the lead.

    - how to you recieve or generate a consistent volume over all Performances?

    Actually my lead sounds are organized in a separate slot/rig within the performance which has a ~ +7dB programmed/defined rig volume. I have organized my Slots as playparts within/for a song (eg. rythm dis, solo1clean, solo2dis,...). Can you please give me an idea how you handle solo volume increase and how your trigger it in context of a solo part:

    - are you using a volume pedal for volume increase (I could use a Mission KP1 which is used for Wah actually)?

    - do you use morphing (and how is this programmed in your scenario)?

    - do you use a on board booster (which is limited in dBs unfortunately)?

    - any other ideas?

    Many thanks to all for their Replies :!:


  • For almost all the Rigs I use, I have a different approach - I use the guitar volume control. I set the gain of Rigs for lead sounds with the guitar at 10, and turn the guitars down to the 6 to 7 range (depending on the guitar) for rhythm.

    The only exceptions to that for me are 80s Clean Rigs that don't need more gain for single lines. For those Rigs, I use Morph to increase the Rig Volume.

  • I actually have an eq set in slot X, with a bit more mids and a little highs rolled off. I put the eq on a few dB boost and lock it (or copy it to every rig in the performances). I use the effects in the Kemper like an fx-board that I used to have. That way I can give every rig a solo-boost, when necessary.

  • I use 2 separate slots in performance mode for my solos and increase rig volume +3-4 db. I also use morph on those solo slots to increase delay or reverb or whatever effect a song calls for. Lots of varied approaches suggested on this thread. Just shows the versatility of the Kemper.