Yamaha DXR10 or QSC 10.2 for FRFR for live gigs

  • Hi

    I have been using my Kemper in a sort of half-hearted way for a few months (home, practice, headphones etc) but since having numerous sound level issues with my (65 Fender DL Reverb) tube amp and now a tube issue that needs resolving, I am seriously considering going the whole way and taking the Kemper to gigs. A scary venture into the digital world!

    I know there are a lot of threads out there about which speaker to use. I have narrowed it down to either the Yamaha or QSC 10 inchers.

    There are no dealers of any kind near me that have both options, in fact I can only get the QSC locally, nobody stocks Yamaha at all. So it has to be mail order.

    So please, can you help me with the decision of which to order. I am reluctant to just buy both knowing I will send one back. Seems dishonest.

    We play covers; country, blues, American, old rock n Roll. No metal or hard rock. And we are not very loud. In fact keeping stage volume down is going to be a major plus point. I love my 65 Deluxe Reverb but it is very loud in the venues we play (small clubs, hotels and resorts. )

    I would ideally just like to place it on the floor as a wedge in front of me. I have no hang-ups about having big air behind me flapping my trousers ?

    So any advice very gratefully received.



  • I have a qsc k10 and a yamaha dxr10 but since getting the headrush 12 that's the only one I use... the dxr 10 would be my second choice. both the yamaha and the qsc are probably better monitors overall but for my profiles the headrush just sounds better to me..

  • I use the Headrush frfr108 for quieter gigs and am very pleased with my tones. The small form factor is ideal for placement on tight stages. Plenty of bottom end from a very small speaker. Ideal as a wedge monitor.

    There is a lot of choice out there so hope you find what's right for you .

  • With powered monitors, you generally get what you pay for. Both the QSC and Yamaha are good options in their price range,

    I use the DXR12s and am very satisfied with them, with the only issue being that they are just a bit heavy on the low mids (~1-2 dB). Using the "floor monitor" DSP setting gets them very close to being a true flat response, which will allow you to run the same exact feed to your monitor as you run to FOH.

    Resist the temptation to go cheaper. The few extra $$$ you spend on the monitor cabinet(s) goes a long way.