Tuner Display in Rig Manager

  • Don't you have your profiler right there to see the tuner if you choose?

    I have my profiler next to my monitor but I am strongly focused on my monitor or fretboard when playing in my studio, so it would be nice to have the tuner show up on my monitor and always be on. It would be even better if the RM tuner could be undocked from RM so you could place it to "stay on top" of the desktop apps (DAW, etc.).

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  • It certainly would be a great feature.

    It might not be as usable as people think. Tuners are only nice to use if the display has a fairly high graphics update rate and low latency. What none of us know, is the latency in communication between the Kemper and RM. Right now there is no need for an optimised performance, since you don’ really notice 0,5 seconds lag. But for a tuner that’s far too much. The usb driver in the kemper might not even be capable.

    So it might work fine and everything is great, but it also might not be easy to do satisfactory.

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