Is The Editor Safe to Use Yet?

  • I last updated my Kemper over Summer I believe. I use it only in studio and have been waiting for the Editor to stabilize enough to start learning.

    What version of software in the Kemper and the Rig Manager/Editor should I try? I'm on Mac....I assume I have to use the USB stick to update the Kemper itself?

    Sorry kind of a novice here with the Kemper still....



  • Hi,

    my advise ... beta means beta means not bug free... so go for the latest official release without editor.

    checkout the beta discussion before you decide to play this game. no risk no fun ...
    OS7 Public Beta Discussion

  • I use a Mac OS 10.13 and have been running the beta with little to no issues, the latest beta seems to be very stable for me. That being said, it is a beta and you could have issues. So, if you want to give it a go, please backup your Kemper first so if you need to go back you will have everything.

    Personally I would update to the latest release version 7.1.5 and rig manager 2.3.14 first and do it via USB (I always update this way). Test it...

    Then I would proceed to update to Beta version 7.1.19 and rig manager 3.0.99 the latest beta versions.

    The new editor is awesome.

    Have fun!