Kemper Cab

  • Anbody has any Info if it is wrong to put the Kemper Kone in an half closed Cab with same Dimensions as the original Kemper Cab?

    Means will it significant change the original Sound given to the imprints ?

    Ask cause i don't like the unreal Bass result given from closed Cabs, i like more half Open Cabs like Fender Combo Amps

    so could it be that i have much to less bass with an half closed Cab ?

  • "Wrong" is subjective. It definitely won't sound as intended.

    My thought is that the Kone is a very different take on a guitar speaker. With most of the mojo coming from the DSP. There is just no telling what the actual bass response is going to be or how the 'air' the original speaker may or may not have had will be represented.

    Conventional wisdom says you're right for your personal preference. But the Kone isn't conventional in any real sense. So the answer is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, we'll know more when it ships.

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