My Conclusion about Kemper Profiler Stage = stay longer in service instead on the stage!

  • My Conclusion about Kemper Profiler Stage, in 3 months of testing days. Product purchased on 19.12.2019, sent into service on 30.01.2020, returned to me and found the same but more problems, returned again to service on 21.02.2020. So....

    Unreliable product for live/home/stage.....all situations, too many problems:

    1. Immediately after I bought it, I tested it and I discovered it Noise/buzz on Master Output XLR and Monitor Out Dry with my Strat equipped with DiMarzio noiseless pickups, freeze OS, footswitches does not work properly, or work randomly. There are many users who claim these problems, especially about footswitches. I compared and recreated the same situations with the same cables with Boss GT-100 which works perfectly, so no trace of "human error" in this tests.

    Update, after service ALL 4 Out jacks, MAIN/MON has a buzz/noise, incredible strange buzz, you say it is a "factory in operation". I did several tests, either directly in Mute/Tunner mode. I didn't even connect the guitar!

    2. Noise/buzz on headphones in mute signal mode. It's not related to Main Volume or Gain or patch.

    3. The screen shows aberrations in the correct display of colors, and moves up and down. The buttons below the screen are very rigid, after service.

    So, Kemper Stage has gone into service again, hoping that, maybe this time it will be repaired or REPLACED with a functional unit, if it exists !!! Heloooooo Kemper !!!

    Almost weekly I discover new problems. Too risky to use at work. I still rely on the old Boss GT-100.

    Unfortunately the 30 days of return passed. I was stuck with this product, and I hope that the next updates will solve the problems, or maybe the warranty.

    If I didn't already buy the 366E Mission Engineering EP1-KP-GN SPL and Thon Case Kemper Prof. Stage, I would definitely return it, get my money back and I didn't want to hear about this Kemper Stage. But what do I do now? Put yourself in my shoes!

    We are ... just testers, on our money :cursing:

    Photo & Video:…g15CuOETOJNfqKebw0v0KsaXH

  • A friend and I bought the "stage" version of kemper.

    Unfortunately for my friend, his stage freezes at the start of the system, a switch was bad too. He has the same opinion of you.

    My stage is ok, it works correctly.

    Maybe more QA was missing?

  • Sorry you’re having so much trouble - Kemper Service will work with you to make it right. My first one had a button issue, sent back and had the new one within a week... no problems at all with the current one. Minus the early issue it’s the best piece of gear I’ve purchased in years.

  • @viotheo, more or less the problems I encountered.

    The shop did not want to refund because I was too late for the 30-days refund.

    It was my 3rd RMA.

    I went through juridical actions against the musical shop, AND I WON.

    Feel free to contact me if you need to.

    I sold all my other Kemper equipment after all that BS. 1 Rack, 1 Head.


  • viotheo please check your mail and respond to the ticket.

    very sorry to hear that.

    It seems you have not received the unit that we sent out for you. We need to check for the serialnumber so we can see if the unit became mixed up.

    Hi, I contradict you, I got the same Kemper Stage "repaired" but with more problems.

    It seems that the problems are escalating and I do not like this. I'll contact my band lawyer.

    In the meantime, I'll make a petition here:…r-guarantees/index_en.htm

  • Thanks for the information, this means that it has already been created before (legal precedent).

    And anyone who acts in the Court, for the same issues will win directly.

  • 1. I bought it from Romania, Europe, McMusic, an authorized Kemepr dealer. They, McMusic explained to me that they are not allowed to intervene in the repair process. The product is sent directly to Kemper Service, which they also did. It's some kind of Apple service.…age-profiler-chitara.html

    2. ANPC is in charge of consumer protection in Romania, or

    3. The product has been accepted as warranty and I have notified both of them McMusic and Kemper, with the following tickets Ticket ## KA00183244 Ticket ## KA00184083 Ticket ## KA00184493 Ticket ## KA00184556 Ticket ## KA00184481.

    The problem is that Kemper Stage unit returned from the Kemper service, with even more problems, it is the same unit, it was not meant to be replaced. Although in the mail Kemper Service exactly said, that it will be replaced. Isn't it normal for me to be suspicious and not understand anything in this whole story?

    4. The Kemper service, in my opinion, is trying to mask this error. Initially they said that the unit will be replaced, then that I received another new unit with defect (totally untrue), then that the Romanian Dealer confused the units, and in fact I had to receive the repaired product, but I received a new unit.

    In the end Kemper Service understood that I received EXACTLY what they sent, the same unit with the same serial, repaired but with more problems. Now, they have no answer.

    I sent the unit back into service. I will come back with news, as soon as I receive the unit from the repair or who knows, maybe a new one.

    Thank you!

  • viotheo

    Apologies again for the hassle.

    Your Stage left our service after repair being tested without any hum or buzz problems being detected.

    As it turned out your dealer registered your serial number in order to download an update. This made me think that the units might have been mixed up. After i got in touch with M&C and you it was clear that you received the repaired unit as intended.

    We will get in touch with you as soon as we have received the unit from your dealer and checked it.

    I am sure we will get this sorted.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your interest.

    I understand when there is a problem and I understand that we work with electronic devices that may fail.

    What I do not understand is that the unit came out of Kemper Service with the same noise/buzz problems, even more new problem, screen.

    In another order I have not received until now any service sheet, from which to show what was defective and what was changed to this unit.

    Unfortunately for me the excuses do not solve anything at this time, but I appreciate the interest given. :thumbup:

    I buy a damage Kemper Stage unit in December 2019, a unit you said would be replaced with a new one, but you didn't do that.

    Now is the 2nd time in your service I hope to keep your word, for me to receive a perfectly functional unit, so I wish.


    Best Regards!

  • The second Kemper Stage unit received today, tested in the store, presents problems on the screen. The screen moves up and down and shows mixed colors, lack of contrast and incorrect display of colors on the left side.

    The unit stayed in the store and will return to Kemper or maybe direct in service.

    In the end I accept the money back and I will buy this Kemper Stage again in the summer, maybe I am lucky with one unit without any problems.