Rig Manager not talking to KPA after Update

  • Hey all,

    after having updated both my KPA and the Rig Manager to their respective latest Versions, the Rig Manager refuses to connect to

    the KPA. No matter what i click or doubleclick, i can't seem to get anything loaded from RM to the KPA. It worked perfectly normal on my older OS

    and RM combination. Not sure what to do - of course i made a full Backup before upgrading both the KPA and the RM, but it seems I won't be able to use RM 2.x with the new OS and vice versa, right? I would hate to have to downgrade just to be able to use RM (which I do all the time when working on Sessions etc, keeping everything organized and handy). Oh, another thing - some recent additions to my library also seem to not be there anymore on the RM side of things - probably also to do with the current problems I am experiencing.

    If anybody knows of a solution to this problem, please let me know. Just wanted to pick you guys' brains before I contact support over what might very well be just a minor issue and/or easily resolved with a few simple steps and measures.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • please contact support. we will help you fix your installation.

    Thank you! I already had contacted Support, but tin the meantime was able to remedy the situation by un- and reinstalling RM several times (maybe 5 or 6). Everything is working as expected now, thanks your trying to help though, much appreciated :)