Best method to accurate represent your profile before going FOH?

  • Very new to Kemper and I have come to realize that using the powerhead with guitar cab may not be ideal. I am being told by many users that when I run FOH this will sound very different than my 4x12 and that is troublesome.

    So what is the best method?

    Studio Monitors?

    Powered FRFR?

    Non powered PA speakers?

    My goal is to choose a profile at home that I like best but when I go to play live and run FOH have it sound the same.

  • Your sound out of the cab will always sound different than FOH. You can't make them the same, only similar. Think about it:

    - Your 412 gives a true amp-in-the room (assuming the cab is off for the monitor out) sound.

    - FOH: Same amp, but the cabinet is now the mic'd sound of an entirely different cabinet. Whether an impulse response or the cab used for the profile. That sound has a mic (or mics) in the signal path. It can't sound 'the same'. Only similar.

    If you can, set up where you've got your stage cab and the PA together. You've got more flexibility with the KPA cab section, output EQ etc. So, your cabinet is the reference. Try different cabinet choices and/or EQ in the output section. Personally, your goal should not be to get them to match. It won't happen and even if it did everything changes with a different PA. What I'd try for is similar and complimentary.

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