Thommann Kemper Stage Flight Case Adjustability

  • Hello,

    my kemper stage arrived yesterday! It came with a hardcase and a mission expression pedal, like a pack.

    My doubt is, is it necesary to remove the kemper stage and mission pedal rubber supports in order to get a flat surface inside the case?

    I notice if I remove the rubber supports of both, the pedals feel more consistent, but if I close the case the things moves a little bit, it's not as tight as it is with rubber supports on.

    I've been thinking to put another layer of foam on the lower side of the case, to put both items flat and get a tight hold inside.

    Has anyone experienced the same thing?

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi, a few updates.

    Finally I didn't remove the rubber feet. The kemper with its own weight made holes in the rubber feet and it fits perfect.

    This is the first mod I did to the case. Now the expression pedal connection is clean.