Drop tunings

  • Has anyone tried the Digitech Drop pedal with their Kemper yer? I am experiencing a weird off pitch while I am using the pedal at a low volume.I have it turned up loud enough so I am not hearing my guitar at it ‘s original pitch.But I still hear the drop guitar tone and when I solo I hear like a very dissonance almost like a weird harmony pitch.Anyone else experience this and any remedy for it? I am plugging into the drop pedal and then into the front of the Kemper.It is the only pedal I am running too.

  • Unless you're playing quite loud you might still be hearing your guitar acoustically. You say at low volume, and I can pretty much assure you that you'll still hear that acoustically even if you think it's "loud enough" that you don't. It always threw me off the tiniest amount when I played with a Drop, and still does now that I no longer use it in favor of the built-in transpose in the Kemper.

  • ‘Low volume’ is the issue. You’re almost certainly hearing the guitar clashing with the effect.

    Turn up or use headphones. That should solve it.

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  • as others have said, you need a surprisingly high volume to completely drown out the acoustic sound of the guitar. Also, if you are wearing headphones you sometimes find the guitar sound being transmitted through the headphone cable by the guitar vibrating against it.

    i don’t have a Drop but I have it’s big brother Whammy DT. I no longer bother with he Whammy Dat and just use the Kemper’s own transpose now. My Whammy is gathering dust.

  • The transposer gives me the same problem as the Drop pedal.It sounds a bit off to me,I must have it set wrong.I may just bring my guitar to have it set up.i am playing a gig with a band that plays their original music in drop B.It will sound a lot better I guess just o have it set up.Thank you for your input my friends.Most appreciated!