Using Kemper With Babyface Pro

  • Hello,

    I am having trouble using my Kemper with my babyface pro and Yamaha HS7 monitors. Ideally I want the kemper cabled INTO the babyface pro and then babyface pro cabled OUT to the Yamaha HS7 monitors. Then the babyface pro INTO the computer via USB. So far when I have everything cabled I can get sound from computer out through the HS7 monitors, but when I power on the Kemper I get no output. I suspect it's a setting in Totalmix I'm not understanding. If anyone has any advice that would be awesome.


  • I'm assuming you connected Kemper to BabyFace using XLR cables. In TotalMix click on your main out mix at the bottom (it is usually called AN 1 or 2 in hardware output section) and then adjust volume slider of AN 1/2 hardware input mixer at the top. This should allow you to hear Kemper.

    If you see two separate inputs AN 1 and AN 2 you may want to click the wrench icon and select "Stereo" option. This will combine two separate mono channels into one stereo channel.