kperformance file

  • Hello everyone. I'm very new to the Kemper world. I've had my profiler stage for a couple of months now. I've figured out some things like setting up performances to my pedalboard from rig manager. I'm having a hard time dialing in the sound I want. Before now I always played a single coil strat through my Fender twin with pedals. I'm plugging directly into the sound board that is connected to 2 EV powered 15/horn P.A. cabinets and 1 powered EV sub. Putting together a 2 man band with drum tracks. No amps or monitors (or sound) on stage. Will be using in- ear monitors.

    I only have one question for today. I have a friend/acquaintance who is very experienced with Kemper and uses it live often. I asked for his help knowing he does not have much time for me. He sent me a file called a kperformance. He said it contains 5 rigs. I don't know how to get this to my pedalboard. Can someone help me out? Going to work now and will check replies tonight. Thank you vey much!

  • Rigmanager is the way to go. Import the file into RM from the location you have it on your computer - it should show up in the “Local File” part of the “Performances” Section. Once you do that - double click the performance you wish to add in RM and it will load into your stage...if your happy with it, store it on your Kemper.

    Easy Peasy - personally, this is really the only reason I use RM... I prefer to tweak on the Kemper itself. The new editor is nice, but I got used to doing it on the Kemper and just got used to it.

    Enjoy your new KP Stage - it’s the best piece of gear I’ve purchased in years! This forum is a great source of info as well.