Random Performance Issues

  • there have been many threads/posts about performances becoming screwed up and rigs going into random slots but then miraculously fixing themselves. I encounter this regularly too. However, I understand how frustrating it must be for the developers to try and track down these problems when we can’t provide a specific set of circumstances that allows them to replicate the issue. On the other hand, for us as users, it is extremely difficult to tell them what we did to cause the behaviour when it appears to be totally random. I don’t want to continually whinge about this without actually doing something positive to help the company find the cause and make the system better for all of us.

    therefore, I have started running Quicktime Player whenever I am using Rig Manager. With Quicktime set to Screen recording mode in the background I can backtrack and find out exactly what when wrong and figure out if it was user error (it has been a few times even though I would have sworn blind that I did everything right) or if it was a bug, EXACTLY what steps caused it to help the team recreate and troubleshoot it. If you have a Mac Quicktime is built in. If you don’t there are plenty of free tools that will do the same thing.

    this “random performance “ issue is so frustrating that on many cases I have simply given up on using RM rather than trying to help fond a solution. I would urge everyone who is having any problems with bugs to run a screen capture video in the background until we get to the bottom of this.

    in this video, I was describing why I would like to see a copy and paste option in performance mode for a feature request (yes I know the lock command would also work but I would still like copy and paste) when a sync issue cropped up which I initially thought was something else entirely. I definitely couldn’t have described this accurately without the screen recording.

    oh, and as this video also shows - a back/undo feature in RM would be greatly appreciated ?

    Performance sync goes wrong