Volume fluctuations - Kemper or my new Headrush FRFR?

  • Hi all,

    edit: it’s the micro pitch. It’s never done this until the 7.1.X update but I could be just now realizing it.

    For the past 3 days I've been troubleshooting volume fluctuations and can't determine if it's the Kemper or my Headrush. It all started when I got the Headrush, but it might be coincidental.

    It's a faint dip in volume for a second and it goes back to normal. This happens every 15-20 seconds or so. Any advice would be helpful. Here's what I've tried:

    - Happens with all guitars, all cables

    - I don't hear it when playing music from my iPhone or iPad through the Headrush

    - I think I hear it when playing through my studio monitors but can't tell if its now placebo.

    - This issue has occurred on all 7.1.X and 7.2.X (except for the latest, haven't installed yet) firmware.