Playing Live with the Power Rack verses At home Practice setting

  • Hey!

    If I play through the Kemper Cabinet with my band for Rehearsal, and then want to play live without the Kemper Cab, and plug my Power Rack Directly into the venue mixing desk (Monitors) will I always get the same sound? Does it depend per venue?

    If there are sound differences, does anyone have any experience if these differences are minor or major?

    Thank you!

  • No, you will not get the exact same sound (because you are playing through a different speaker at the venue), but, can get a similar sound.

    If you use Kabinet in FRFR mode at rehearsal, you will get a similar sound at the venue, depending on how close the sound of the venue's monitor is to Kabinet.

    If you want to use Kabinet in Imprint Mode at rehearsal, you'll get closer to the Kabinet sound at the venue if you change the Profiles' cabs to sound as much like the Imprint as you can. They will likely always sound at least a little bit different, though, because the Profile Cabs include microphones, and Kabinet Imprints are designed to sound like the speakers without microphones.

  • I think then it would be safer to stay in FRFR mode because the profiles I have created, I love. The problem is that the 1x12 cab is not loud enough for a metal band with drums, bass and another guitarist.

    In order for the sound to have cut through, I would have had to go beyond the 200 watt meter which I cannot do as my amp will explode lol.

    So, should I use 2 cabinets at rehearsal so that I can go beyond 200 watts if needed? Or perhaps I should order 2 cone speakers and then re-wire into a speaker so that I can get up to 400 watts?