Panorama feature as a post amp FX option.

  • Dear Kemper Developers,
    I use the Panorama control to help create stereo spacing for different parts while using the looper. I currently use the morph feature to control this but it is not very accurate when placing parts between hard right and centre or hard left and centre.
    It would be brilliant if the Panorama feature could be added as an option in the stereo FX blocks. One could set up three or even four fixed stereo positions via the FX buttons on the top row. This saves having to click in and out of looper mode and selecting different rigs with different Panorama settings. I’m not sure how one would avoid having to switch them on and off independently but it would be fewer steps than having to switch out of looper mode to change Rigs to change the panning . The morph feature could then control other features.

    It would help anyone looping in stereo to be even more creative.
    Many thanks for reading.


  • cool idea.

    what expression pedal are you currently using to position the parts? If you are using the Mission try switching to another pedal. The Mission os a great wah but the travel os so short (what makes it great as a wah) that it is almost useless for other things including the panorama control.

  • Dunlop X

    Large version. It has a very long sweep, but it’s still easy to go too far or not far enough.

    Definitely a first world trivial problem, but always looking to improve how things flow in a performance/gig.
    I only have one so it quadruples up for Wah, morph, volume, pitch work etc.
    I don’t really like it as a Wah. Too much travel and when plugged into the remote there’s still a lag.
    How did you get on trying out the panorama yourself?


  • haven’t had a chance to try the panorama yet as I got caught up in other stuff but will definitely do so.

    I have a Mission (exclusively for wah) and a Boss FV500 for morphing plus a cheap Zoom pedal for volume that os just on or off 99% of the time. I expect the FV500 will behave fairly similarly to your Dunlop X.

  • Finally got a chance to quickly try the Panorama idea. Very cool 8)

    As you said, it is a bit difficult to be precise with placement and it would take me a fair bit of practice to be able to use it for anything other thn the most basic looping ideas (my lack of imagination more than anything else) but I can defintitely see the potential for someone who knows how to use it well.