Tonejunkie TV have a lengthy Kemper Kab first look.

  • Great video, especially from someone who's an expert on profiling, owns many of the actual speakers, and plays crunchy so you can actually hear differences during a demo. Loved the excitement. My Kabinet is sitting about 20 feet from me waiting for the Ritter Poweramp to be delivered for my original unpowered KPA.


  • HW,- the guy is a legend. He was so excited during that video. I can’t believe how good this is for the price. He certainly seemed to think it solved the ‘amp in the room’ issue. It seems like another brilliant product!

  • I never got a shipping notice for my Kemper Kone. It just showed up on my porch the other day.

    Just be aware in case you live amongst the “Porch Pirates”.

    Also when I ordered the Kemper Kone the confirmation email told me to check the shipping status by signing into When I registered there was no info of the order. Maybe because I purchased it first and then registered after?

  • Btw - I have the Camplifier 290. UK.

    Works great with the Kabinet, Im really enjoying playing. I'm even loving profiles through it that I previously discarded

    How loud does it get? Mine can't get over about 70db/bedroom level. Does your 290 have a vol control? I'm in talk with Ritter to troubleshoot. Tilman's a great guy.

  • Hey,

    I can measure tomorrow - although I do have lockdown with an 8 week old!? I should get half an hour to blast it.

    Its way too loud to have anywhere near max and that’s without bridge mode. That’s my definition of loud though.

    I do have the volume control. I also have a bit of an issue with the amp very occasional cutting out and coming back on - almost a replica of a quick turn in/off. Gonna troubleshoot tomorrow.

    I need to get to the practice room! I’ve got a new - bass, guitar and cabinet to really test. I’m pretty sure it’ll be louder than 70db though.

  • Yeah it sounds to me like yours is doing what I expect mine to do volume wise. Good to hear. Thanks!