Profiling on a Kemper Stage

  • I'm a new Kemper user and would like to profile some amps on the Stage. On the diagrams, it usually shows the microphone connects to Return 1 of the stage, but the input is a phone jack. Do I need to get a xlr to trs adapter for the input or would I run the microphone thru a mixer and send that into the kemper.

    The Kemper is amazing so far and it may replace my Helix, which is my current go to for gigging.

  • Yes you need an adapter/ cable. I use the Kemper DI or mic’s direct in with adapter cable.

    From Kemper video page “ATTENTION!!! Information Update! YES, THE PROFILER STAGE DOES PROFILING: SEND 1 connects to the Amp Input. RETURN 1 (TRS) brings the MIC Signal back into the PROFILER!

  • So I was able to setup the Kemper to profile a Crate 3112 I had at home. Since this is an amp I hardly play, I figured it would be a good guinea pig in case something goes desperately wrong. I profiled the OD channel with the drive at 2 o'clock and no boost.

    I decided to do a direct profile thinking that I wouldn't hear the speaker since it was late - I was wrong. Going thru the DI, the speaker spoke loud and clear. When all was said and done, I was highly impressed with the profile. I can put it on the Rig Exchange if anyone may be interested.

    One question I have - Is there a major difference with a Studio profile minus the cab as opposed to the direct profile? If I use an IR for the direct and change the studio to the same IR, would they sound the same?

    I may sell my Helix and just keep my Helix Stomp now that I have this.