Addition options for SPDIF output

  • Hi all,

    I love my Kemper Stage and use the SPDIF output to go into my RME UFX+!

    I would really appreciate additional options for the SPDIF output such as 'Stack + XXX' (instead of only 'Git + XXX').

    That way, one could have the dry signal (i.e. Stack) on one channel while having the dry/wet signal (i.e. Master Left) on the other channel.

    Thanks and best regards!

  • Thanks for the quick reply!

    I generally agree that this might be the preferred option for users playing in stereo. However, for users playing in mono, above mentioned options would provide a super useful dry/wet output routing. In addition, I would suppose that this would not require much coding effort from your side.

    Hope this requests gets considered for future firmware updates - I know I would use it! :)