Crate V3112 Direct Profile

  • I uploaded a profile of the Crate V3112 1x12 combo. It's my first profile and a Direct profile at that. The amp is on the OD channel with the the gain at approximately 2 o'clock. I tested with an Ownhammer Greenback IR but uploaded with the Kemper GB cab. You can swap the cabs out. There is light reverb as well as an OD pedal to kick it into more the hard rock arena. Looking to profile my Mesa DC-3 and my Randall RM100 with some different modules.

    Please let me know what you think.

  • Thanks for taking the effort to create the profile and thanks for sharing o the RigExchange. Good thing :thumbup:8)

    The profile is nicely done, not overwhelming for my taste but I have never been into Crate amps anyway. Personally I find it a bit weak in the mids. Is that the actual sound of the amp?

    Anyway, keep it up. Again, thanks for sharing.

  • Actually, I didn't compare it as it was late and the speaker was different on the amp (seventy eighty) then what I used in the profile (ownhammer GB). It is the USA model and I did it to make sure my ProCo DI would work and not fry the amp before profiling the amps that I care a bit more about. Now that I know it works, I will actually do some comparisons and maybe use the speaker rather than direct.

    I'm a hard rock guitarist, so I was pleasantly surprised that the profile was usable and sounded ok in the mix.

    I can see the entrance to a major rabbit hole here... but thanx so much for checking it out with your honest criticisms.