Wiring a Kemper Kone 2 X 12 Speaker cabinet for stereo / mono mode

  • Hi there,

    Perhaps this is helpful for one or the other.

    Most 2x12 cabinets have a parallel speaker connection in mono mode, the Kemper Kone has 4 ohms which would then mean a total impedance of 2 ohms.

    Kemper recommends a minimum of 4 ohms and for a 2x12 "cabinet

    I thought about how I could implement a stereo / mono-serial connection with little effort and without an additional switch.

    Three 1/4 "British Style Amplifier Jacks (BJ101 or BJ102) with disconnector are required.

    Here is the result:

  • Thank you for sharing! I started to muse on how to do it, but, reminded myself I have a mono Powerrack.

    In the "Standing on the shoulders of giants" department, you may want to remove the "NC" from the lower switch contact on each of the connectors, for clarity's sake.

    what were you referring to about the "NC" comment???

  • I'm a bit new to this....but to clarify, I just got 2 kones that i'm installing into a 2 x 12 cab....this would allow me to go stereo out of the powered KPA???

    Or mono....

    Power amp in the Kemper is mono.

    You could get another power amp, turn on stereo in the output section and hook the other power amp to the Direct output. Now you'd have 2 volume controls to deal with at first but balancing them should leave you with just the main or monitor vol control in the end.

  • There is a "monitor stereo" button in the output section on page 1.....i think it then uses the direct output as the other side output. I just saw it in a video kemper posted using the powered kemper as i have and 2 kabinets....I wanna do the same thing but 2 kones in a 2x12 cab. I know it's not the best option when it comes to stereo as the more separation the better....but I've heard guys say there is definitely a noticeably positive difference.