Audio Interface for Kemper

  • Update: I think i'm gonna go with the Apogee Elements 24. My main issue was the headphone output with the 8i6 and others - although the Spdif socket are tempting.

    I looked at the Universal Audio stuff, the Arrow required Thunderbolt 3 and the Twin is expensive and potentially a gateway in to more plugin purchases.

    The Apogee duet was ideal in form factor and portability but it has been improved on by the Elements 24 - better headphone and improved dynamic range in the A/d converters.

    I just want to recorder my Kemper as I hear it through headphones. Very simple but with high quality. The Elements 24 will give me that and as I can control it via the IOS App - via wifi - I can hide it away and keep my limited space clear. It also can do SPDIF via an optical/SPDIF converter. Also, its sit at a price range in between the Scarlett 8i6 and the Apollo.

  • I’ve got Audio Technica ath-m50x‘s. They sound pretty good to me but there are many levels of quality in all equipment. Do you think these would utilise the potential of the interface?

    They are fine phones, I like them a lot more for listening than monitoring, but they got quality for the price. They arent the flattest, but still balanced enough to have a real idea of how your rig sound. Audios interfaces come and go, in the end you might buy a preamp for vocals, compressors, but to be fair, a clean and fine interface will last you years until you require something else. Good luck and enjoy.