Using Kemper with SPDIF. Is this possible?

  • When I get my 8i6 and have the time to test I will get back with the result. But I guess that Monkey_Man is right, but that both ways will work.

    I'm sure it'll be doable, but I suspect the interface won't allow you to output guitar-level signals and the split feed from your geetar would therefore be line-level, which means you'd then best use the Aux input on the rear of your Kemper.

    That's not an ideal situation 'cause you'll want to use it for reamping, and on top of this, plugging your guitar directly into the Kemper's front-panel input would mean that on those occasions when you don't end up reamping, your recorded signal (guitar->KPA Rig) is gonna be as pristine as possible.

  • Of course they can, mate.

    You wouldn't be able to reamp digitally otherwise 'cause it relies on hearing / recording the Rig currently in-use.

    Thanks M_M, I was not thinking of a physical limitation, more of a perspective logistic one.

    When you set spdif to "reamp" you are setting the device in a specific way, and maybe it would not work outside that. Good to know it works :)

    The interface he mentions (the 8i6 ) has 2x SPdif sockets - an out and an in. Use 2x cables to connect up the outs to the ins. This is the set up he's describing and the routing he plans, and it does work. No need for bi-directional signals.

    Yep, I get your point. Of course the I/O card would need to be bidirectional outside the reamp settings tho, which was my point.

    As I wrote, just a doubt :)

  • I just want to throw in a potential issue you may have with the Focusrite - apologies if this scenario has changed with updates to firmware/hardware on both Kemper and interface, its a while since I tried it. Anyway, to use SPDIF with the Kemper the interface should be configured for the Sync Source to be "SPDIF" or "external" as the Kemper needs to be the Master. When the Scarlett interfaces are configured like this, they will not route any analogue audio if they cannot see the SPDIF sync source - i.e. your Kemper will need to be on if you want to use the interface as a "standalone simple mixer". You can change the SPDIF sync using the PC/Mac software but you need to remember each time you want to change... This may have changed with the gen3 Scarlett interfaces, but certainly with gen1&2 I ran into this problem, confirmed by Focusrite.