Touch screen knob issue

  • I've seen this mentioned in a couple threads, but couldn't find any response from Kemper folks. Just wanted to try to explicitly ask if there's any plan to address it at some point.

    I have a Surface Pro 7 and like using Rig Manager 3 with it. However when using the touch screen with a finger or the Surface Pen stylus, the rig editing knobs (Bass, Treble, etc.) are mostly unusable. They jump all the way from 0 to max. You can sort of slow down the movement by sliding your finger around, but still not at all precise. Using a mouse works fine as usual, but is not too practical to use when plugged into my rehearsal setup.

    No other touch screen problems that I've run into, everything else working really well.

    If there's any debugging, screen capture, etc. I could provide that would be helpful in solving it, let me know!