Is Input Sens Stored with Performance?

  • Hi

    I have been trawling through the forums posts and looking in the now really huge manual to find the answer to this but it is not clear to me.

    I want to set up performances (not individual slots) to be used with different guitars, namely a low output (not pre-amp) acoustic and a Tom Gray Emperor (Tom Gray makes amazing guitars!) Electric with quite hot pickups.

    Obviously the input sent requirements for each of these is radically different.

    Can I get the required input sent setup and stored with the relevant performances or do I have to 'visit' the Kemper on stage each time I switch guitars?



    Kemp Rack, unpowered.

    Latest FW & SW

    Yamaha DXR10

    Martin 00-28 with KK Pickup

    Tom Gray Guitars Emperor

  • input settings are global IF locked. If you don’t have them locked then they are saved as part of the performance. Be aware that Input Settings are also independent between browser mode and performance mode so it is possible to lock them in performance mode but have them be rig specific in browser mode or vice versa.

  • Clean Sens gets stored with every Rig in Browser as well as in Performance Mode regardless if it is locked or not.

    If you lock the Input Section, the current values of Clean Sens, Distortion Sens and Input Noise Gate are locked and supercede those stored in the Rig, when you load it. If you then store that Rig the locked values become a permanent part of that Rig.