Copying Folders Into RigManager

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    I generally only have 2 or 3 amps in Rig Manager so I don't get too distracted when playing.

    As I own nearly 1000 amp profiles I would like to add them into Rig Manager to see what gems are there. I have them organised into named folders in Windows in the following format as an example;


    - Marshall 800ZW

    - Direct

    - Studio

    Is there a way to import the folder with name and all profiles ino Rig Manager so the format is the same as above?

    I can't find a way to do this and the best I have found is to create the folder in the Rig Manager, name it then copy the files manually across..... Very time consuming for this many amps.

    Any ideas on how to speed the process up?


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    I found a way to kind of do the time consuming work.

    [deleted by Admin]

    Rig Manager will create the folder structure and all you need to do is start copying the files over.

    If it could just recognise the files and automatically import them that would be great but it does not seem to do this.

    I hope you find this useful.


  • That's fine but I will say it worked a treat and i had zero issues. What took me hours to do various folders and sub folders to get the structure right took me an hour with thousands of profiles.

    Not quite sure how you can create an issue making folders in the Local Library folder then letting RM scan the folder. There are no files at all placed in that folder doing it this way it is pure folder structure.

    Anyway delete the post if required bud I don't mind, I have my work around.

  • The reason why creating "out of bound" folders is dangerous is that it works now with this specific version of RM and relies on current implementation details (where there are physical folders with sqlite database inside) which might be subject to change. In the future there might be different, simpler, less error prone, more robust, you name it solution implemented, for example a single database with no physical folders at all, and your instructions won't be valid anymore. So every time you touch implementation details - you're on your own and you should not encourage others to do so, and especially after manual tinkering with files you should not complain that something is not working as expected.

    Although I understand your frustration very well because RM is lacking some basic functionality (after all, importing a hierarchy of folders is really not that much different than importing a single file from programming stand point and could probably be added in a matter of hours).

  • Guys.

    I work in IT at a high level, I understand the concept of playing around with hidden folders and whilst I was not encouraging people, it is no different than modifying an amp or upgrading your car, you do so if you are confident.

    I don't want to get into a pointless debate over this. It worked for me, RM would be more efficient if it worked this same way to speed up the process and the only victim if it cocks up is me.

    No offence meant to anyone.

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