My "Perfect" Foot Controller...

  • Hey Guys,

    Being not satisfied by anything I really wanted, I was thinking about my "Perfect" Foot Controller and I finally came out with this one I'm gonna try to build. It's gonna be a long shot and will take time, but here's a little draft:

    [Blocked Image:]

    It's based on a mix of a Liquid Foot and a Mastermind GT (built with a Livid Builder V2 Electronic), focus around a 12 (3 x 4) main switches, right under the main screen that can be used for Presets, Stomps, Effects or even a global view with 4 Presets, 4 Stomps and 4 Effects. If you like to have Presets only, you can change page with the Page switches to have 12 Presets, or 12 Stomps, etc...

    The X/Y allows to switch the AMP/EQ/Cab if you want switch between two types of Amps (if the unit such the Axe-FX/Pod/etc... does support dual Amp/Cab) and even use them in stereo (X&Y)... just like you could do in situation with real amps. It can also allow you to have 12 new switches and then have 4 more Presets, 4 more Stomps, 4 more Effects if you need them. At any time, you will have access to the Boost, Tap and Looper switches. (PS: I know the Looper won't be available on the Kemper, but the Controller will be used to control several devices at the same time).

    Indeed, you can select which gear of your Rig you would like to control. Just press Rig and choose between one of the default and pre-mapped Layout for your main common gear (Kemper, Axe-FX, Eleven Rack, Pod HD, Digitech 1101, etc...), or even one of your own custom layout. No need for 5 dedicated Foot Controller if you have an use a Kemper, an Axe, an Eleven Rack, a Pod HD Pro and a Digitech 1101 in the same Rig... (It's just an example, it would work with any midi devices of your choice).

    Everything will be saved in a Song (/Bank); up to 128 Song/Bank per SetList... and with up to 8 Presets per Song, it makes 1024 presets easily and quickly available. For the ones who don't care about Presets but like better to use simple Channel Selector and Stomps on/off, they will have up to 8 Channels and up to 16 Stomps... probably well enough to fit most of the case :)

    At any time, the Input Selector/Tuner/Mute, as well as the Edit button will be available, regardless where you're at.
    Of course, there will be 4 Expression Pedals Inputs, 2 External Switches Inputs, Midi In/Out and USB.

    All displays are shown in Green, but will be (like the LF+ or MMGT) 7 colors displays. It's gonna be useful to have different color for different Rig. For instance Green Display for the Kemper, Blue for the Axe-FX, Orange for the Eleven Rack, etc... Size wise, it's gonna be close to the G-System... probably just a tiny little bit wider.

    I hope the Kemper will support bi-directionnal communication (maybe with integration of CopperLan protocol) to be able to clearly show on the Main Screen information from the Kemper such the Stomps/Effects name, etc...

    The final goal is to have "one and only one" Foot Controller that will communicate with several devices from any manufacture, just like we can buy some "Studio Controllers" for mixing, for keyboard, for drumpad, etc... that works with any DAW, Synth, VS

  • Wow! Impressive piece of gear...I assume it will cost a fortune..... 8|
    My kudos if you are able to build something like that.... 8o :thumbup:

    "Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" Serghei Rachmaninoff

  • Well, there's no reason for it to cost a "fortune"... (it's pretty similar to the MasterMind GT and/or the FAMC LF+)

    So I'm quite confident I could get it done around $500-600, mainly by using build kit (such the builder V2 kit from Livid).
    For the screen, there's some very affordable OLED color screens such this one:
    (I still need to test it in real situation outside with the sun, etc... I'm gonna check with Livid which display they do support. If not)

    For the Expression pedals, I plan to be able to add 2 pedals on each side as a modular system we already discussed on another thread.

    But in any way, event thought I know some electronics, it's not my expertise.
    So it's gonna be a long shot and it will take time because it's just a side project for now...

  • Mmmhhh... nice but... not enough presets for me.... sometimes in a song I've used more than 4 sounds, and sometimes it's not the best thing changing bank for every song, actually having more presets will allow you to play more songs without changing bank every five minutes (unless you're using just 4 sounds for an entire gig... :-| ) And of course an expression pedal could help.



  • Hi Marco,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I just think you missed a point because you can have 4 presets and have another 4 with the Rig X/Y, and still keep using the stomps & effects switches.

    If you only want to use preset, you can just go on the next page and have up to 12 presets for a Rig and up to 2 Rigs per Bank if it's really what you really want. Other guys that would just love to have access to a large number of stomps & effects switches, could still use another page for 12 stomps, or another page for 12 Effects, and even some custom pages...

    So you can get your "sounds" by using presets (like the modern multi-effects), or by simple audio loops on/off (like the old school pedals).

    4 expression pedals could be connected to the controller and will be mounted as a "modular" attached bloc like already talked on another thread :)