Hello, I am new here, need help with mixing!!

  • Hello dear people of The Forum, i'm new on this forum, after endless searches for improving my mixing, i decided to turn to the best resource possible.
    Other people! :P :p:

    so the thing is , i know how to use DAW's and how to record and i do use drums
    but whenever i record and mix something , i keep feeling that it could be better, always there's something that sounds bit off and i can't really put my finger on it, that's why i decided to get help online, and finally hear other people's opinion on my mixing (where did i do good, where did i do "less" good etc!)

    I mainly record Guitar, specifically metal Genre (symphonic is where i fail to have a decent mix)

    getting tips and advises from you guys(and gals) can be really helpful for me!! :D

    now for the technical details!

    gear i am using :

    Kemper Profiler connected directly to Steinberg Ur22MkII audio interface,
    Cubase pro 10.5 (with Various Plugins)
    and for drums i also use various products, but now i use TT's Superior Drummer 3
    Prs se torrero/Jackson Pro KVT

    in this sample the result is not bad, sounds decent and i actually like it ;
    however it's very minimal in terms of Audio production, it's just the drums (single track no double tracking the drums)
    and guitar. no bass no Keys , nothing.

    (short song i created for this specific purpose)

    s*** gets real when i add bass and other instruments ; i tried using Eurobass plugin with Bias fx 2 but i just made things worse as it for some reason ruined the entire mix, so i just recorded bassline and pitch-shifted it (using kemper's built-in PS)

    for this track i used Various kontakt libraries for strings .
    guitars were double tracked , and bass was , as i mentioned before, recorded separately(not Double Tracked however) .

    the result wasn't bad but i feel it isn't great either.

    something sounds off and this is where i kinda need your advise

    i use a various plugins and effects for output
    (limiter,compression etc)

    Sorry for the long post, i hope some of you read it , thanks in advance and stay safe!! :)