Kemper Stage output section "Pure cabinet", "SPDIF Clock" and "Space" factory settings

  • Hello everyone,

    I just began recording guitar tracks with the kemper stage. And now I noticed some parameters that made me think if I am doing it correctly...

    I am recording 2 tracks at a time. One is from the main output, and the second is from the SEND output, setted as "Git Studio". This way I have the amp sound recorded and a plain line level guitar signal, in case I need to reamp the track.

    Today, I was messing in the Output section. The "SPDIF clock" was setted as 44Khz, and I changed to 48Khz, the same clock as the focusrite audio interface I am using (I don't know if this parameter makes any difference, Am I using it?).

    The "Pure Cabinet" setting is setted with 3.0 by default. I actually like the sound of it, Im using a Marshall Super Lead and I kind of like the cabinet sound addon, but I don't know if it's ideal to record with this parameter on like this.

    Finally I have the "Space" parameter with "HeadphOnly" activated. But actually, this parameter changes the main output sound. I am listening directly from the audio interface and the sound comes from the main output of the kemper to the input of the interface, so no headphones connected to the kemper... Am I missing something?

    Thank you very much.

  • The SPDIF Clock setting only matters for the SPDIF sockets, which you don't use.

    What Pure Cabinet does is described in the Main Manual. Why not recording it, if you like its sound?

    Space only affects the PROFILER's HEADPHONE OUT, while Space>HeadphOnly is ticked. I verified this on a Stage with current OS.