Anyone else experiencing issues with latest Rig Manager and Profiler updates?

  • I just upgraded both the RM and the firmware on my unpowered Kemper toaster and both have been practically unusable since then.

    The profiler itself is having multiple issues including booting into a mode where nothing works on it at all, volume and parameters can't be affected and one where the output of the head itself is unusable. Sometimes it also displays that I have a volume pedal connected that is set to zero and cannot be adjusted.

    The RM update issues I'm experiencing id it is deleting folders, after I create a folder, name it and put profiles in there they are either disappearing or renaming themselves to New Folder again and all the stuff I've just spend time sorting gets bundled in there.

    As a long time Kemper user I have a lot of profiles and like to keep them organised however with each subsequent "improvement" there just seems to be more and more bugs introduced. This is super frustrating as I've spent a lot of money on something that only works half the time.

    Anyone else having similar issues?

    If you haven't updated yet, Don't. It's a mess.

  • I can't even connect my KPS with Rig Manager. Using the latest version of each. Opened a ticket and it's taking forever. I can see all my rigs, but can't use them on rig Manager. As well, Rig Manager doesn't show any of my Performances saved on my Stage.