Headrush FRFR users out there?

  • Hi guys,

    Gonna stop buying profiles. In facebook they sound awesome, on my kemper stage and headrush frfr 112 they sound, thin and lifeless and very trebly.

    Thought I had some output parameters wrong of CAB turned off of input sens not adjusted properly. Nothing of this. Checked it more than once.

    I play the gibson traditional with high output pickups and mostly 80's rock: black sabbath, led zeppelin, deep purple, iron maiden.

    My clean and blues sounds are OK. My crunch and lead not.

    Bought the Bert Meulendijk, MBritt and Iron Maiden patches. Thin and trebly, alle of them!!

    My headrush is the problem? No, tried them also on a Mission FRFR because I thought that it was the headrush.

    Headphones? mwaahhh... not the sound I want to hear.

    Looking for some tricks or adjustments because I know it must be there...somewere....:)

  • People make different experiences, obviously. I have a Headrush-112 and never had the impression of too much bass. On the contrary, as you said: "thin and lifeless and very trebly" - depending on the profiles. Mostly, profiles (commercial or free) I tried came with way too much gain (for classic rock sounds), and they seemed muddy, frizzly. I always put down the gain until I hear the real sound of the amp. And this estonishing, what the Kemper is able to do. Then I make my own sound of a profile I may like. Adding some more gain as the clean profile, boost, soft shaper or distortion then makes a good sound for lead. And one other thing I noticed: to sound good, the Headrush must be supplied by enough amp or output volume, or it's own volume must pushed a bit.

  • I have the 108 and think it sounds good. Bass heavy but I don’t have it lifted off the ground.

    One thing I will say: some days it sounds good. Some days, dull. I wonder if it’s the Kemper or the FRFR. Haven’t spent enough time to figure it out.

  • I too have the Headrush 108 and I think its ok, a bit like jfischer518 said its ok as an entry level.

    I bought it for when I had the HeadRush Pedalboard which was a nice unit but not really on the same level as the KPA, but then it is half the price.

    I chose the FR108 as opposed to the 112 as id heard it displayed less bass. I find the MB profiles ok with it but some of the Vox profiles have little to no life in them.

    Watching the ToneJunkies video Michael Britt indicated he was impressed with the Headrush. Im sure he knows better than I do.

    I have the Kabinet on order, not sure when I'll see it mind given everything going on.

    However when I do I'm hoping for a significant upgrade on the Headrush.

    'You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead' - Stan Laurel

  • I have the 112 and I thought it was a tad bass heavy.. just took some global setting adjustments. I chose the 112 because I would rather throttle back the bass than to be left wanting more. Some of the metal amp profiles need to have the presence and highs cut down a tad but I don’t have any real complaints for $320 to my door and it’s as loud as I’d ever need.