Which DAW are you using with the Kemper?

  • I'm using the Scarlett 6i6. Theo663 let me know if you have any tips when using Garageband. I've only begun to scratch the surface. Thanks.

    Only started couple of weeks ago using the Scarlett 2i2 into GarageBand since it’s built into my MacBook. I was considering Logic PRO since it’s the bigger brother of GB but also looking to branch out to StudioOne. looks like a lot of Reaper fans, I’ll look into that one as well.

    I have the same experience about GB and I would like try Logic pro. I use GB on iPhone too, directly plug into Focusrite 6i6 :P

    Studio one is less friendly to use. and need plugins to generate drums. burk !

    We can install AU plugins to GB on macOS.

    I regret that can't send MIDI Control Change to Kemper from GB, to change Performance during recording...

    tips : - put in 24 bits in préférence settings.

    - no need filter for KPA tracks :P but I use a lot of module AU graphicEQ but for others to place instruments.

    (In module of tracks, in bottom left of ur track window. Add Module > AU > Apple > AU GraphicEQ)

  • Presonus Studio One as was bundled with my StudioLive 32R. I then took advantage of a upgrade.
    I was trained in ProTools in the early 2000s as I had a Digi 002. Studio One is pretty friendly.

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