Kemper Power Rack Connecting --> 18i20 Scarlett 3rd Gen Interface --> to Mac (HELP) No SOUND

  • Hey all,

    I recently purchased the 18i20 Scarlett 3rd Gen interface and I want to use it through my (KEMPER POWER RACK) using SPDF. The recording program I am using is REAPER. I do not own a powered monitor and I want my guitar and all recording sounds to come from my (Mac computer mic built in my Mac)

    Could someone give me a step by step connection breakdown as well as what all input and output needs to be? I notice there are several places with inputs and outputs that can be adjusted.

    Focusrite Control software:

    - already installed and not sure what to do with output routing and input settings here. The Clock Source seems okay and is locked at 44.1 kHz, and Digital I/O Mode is sept to S/PDIF RCA

    I have sort of a signal coming in when I record a track into reaper however I do not actually hear anything coming out.


    - I can choose Input Mono, Inout Stereo, Input MIDI, or Input NONE. There are many options per choice and not sure the settings here.


    Is my guitar to be plugged directly into the input of the Kemper or the input of Interface? Do I need to have my (Kemper Speaker Output) on the back of Kemper plugged in somewhere? I feel like this is not necessary since the interface should be taking the Kemper sound Via SPDF?

    I have spent at least 6-8 hours trying to get this to work so any useful help will be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you!

  • Alos,

    I haven't tried this yet, but do I need to plug in the Main outs on Kemper to somewhere on this interface? The Kemper Manual says that I can use the Main outputs to connect to a mixing desk or Studio so that must be correct.

    On the 18i20 Focusrite however, the manual is not as clear and I am not sure where I would need to connect my Kemper Main outs to the interface. I am assuming to one of the Line outs but not sure and I don't want to mess anything up.