DXR10 Users - is this normal?

  • Hi

    I just got a DXR10 mark 2 and as soon as I turn it on I have this hiss sound. It's nothing bad but like the sound you get when you turn something up (with no audio) really really loud but this is present even when everything is on minimal. Coming from using a monitor speaker that was virtually silent when not in use I am finding this really annoying.

    Is this normal for this type of speaker? Is dead slient unrealistic? I know it has a fan and I can live with that but the hissing sound is not good.

    Thanks a lot!

  • HI,

    I have the DSR112 and it is very close to completely silent without anything plugged into it. You would certainly NOT hear it in a bar.

    Have you tried unplugging everything (but power of course) from your DXR and raising the gain fully up (just to see the max noise).

    Another thing you can do to minimize the hiss, is lower the gain on the DXR and raise the output from your Kemper.

  • DXR-10 (MK1) is fairly quiet for being a "P.A.-speaker / top" and a small hiss

    from the tweeter is normal and not more than from a regular tube or solid

    state guitar amp. Nothing you hear when playing ....

    Comparing with HiFi studio monitors is not fair ,

    It´s another league :P

    But i don´t know what you hear and how loud this hiss is, so maybe

    there´s something wrong with your DXR-10 MK 2 ..... Or not ..... :/

    Cheers !

  • You got the mic/line switch in the right position?

    Mine can be a little noisy on the jack input as it seems to have a high gain When i run it at home and i find having the line volume set around 1-2 to be adequate loudness without the noise.

    Gig situations, it gets cranked up further any noise negligible in a stage environment.

    If the hiss is masked out when playing i wouldnt worry, unless you think you got a duff unit.

  • Thanks for all the input.

    Upon checking the hiss is only coming from the top tweeter section only. This is present even with nothing at all plugged in and all the levels fully counter-clockwise (0 is at 12 o clock so currently set at less than 0).

    No matter what buttons I press or seitches I switch or levels I change, the noise is permanantely there.

    Possibly this is just normal but I don't know why it would have to be this way.

  • One way to solve the "problem" is to turn the speaker a few degrees

    so it´s not "in your face" . More like normal cabs that is playing for your

    kneecaps :P

    How do you place your DXR-10 ? On a stand or like a wedge monitor

    on the floor ?

    Cheers !