Hundreds of Rigs lost or other counting in RM 3.0.111?

  • After updating to the latest RM the number of Rigs shown in "All Rigs" is missing a few hundred rigs now?! Anyone else has this problem?

    Because I have a giant collection of rigs, I can't say what is missing yet or if the new version of RM just counts different.

    Loading my latest backup did not solve it.

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  • So you have all your rigs/profiles backed up, correct? Just try "dragging" one over from that folder and see if RM will load it. If so, then drag the rest over. Done!!! That is, if you had them backed up which I hope you did.

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

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  • The Rig Exchange content is counted as well for "All Rigs".

    Every installation of RM comes with a snapshot of the current Rig Exchange content. Sometimes, users that contributed retract or update the content in the Rig Exchange and this can be the reason why the total number of rigs on "All Rigs" may change. Also, the number can change during sync with Rig Exchange or connected/disconnected Profilers.

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    Edit: I don't care atm; maybe something is wrong or rigs are missing in RE or anything else.
    I have a backup of most of my rigs on my PC. If I am missing something I'll copy it back.