Parallel Effects

  • Hi,

    this post is obsolete, if anyone can tell me where I find some Pat Metheny profiles (mainly talking about the guitar sound, not the Roland Synth sound). It is not so much about the Amp, it is about the effects. What I would like to do is Amp -> Delay (500msec) and then splitting the signal into two parallel delays with 2 different short delay times (eg 12 and 16 msec) that I slightly detune. Anyone an idea if that can be done? :?:


  • yes it can be done.

    are you wanting the 2 short delays to be in parallel with each other or with the 500ms delay?

    in the former dual delay will do it.

    Put a single delay in slot Mod followed by a duel delay in slot DLY in the Rev slot put a micro pitch chorus effect or chromatic pitch shift with both voices at 0 semitones but some detune added. If you want Reverb too just move everything one slot forward. You may not even need the Air Chorus or Pitch Shift though as the Modulation parameter in the delay does something similar.

  • To Wheresthedug: The "system" worked, but the result isn't what I'm looking for (the typical Pat Metheny Sound). But I'm just beginning to explore the Kemper. It might take a while ....

    (Off topic: As Mesa Boogie Addict. What is the best Santana "Europa" Rig you came along? ;))

  • glad the “system “ worked. I didn’t compare it against an of Pat’s tones for reference just wanted to check the concept. I’m sure with a bit of experimentation you’ll get something to work.

    actually, I just though about your initial post - is it possible to get Pat Metheny tones? The answer is obviously yes as Pat is a Kemper user 🤣

    as for Santana, I haven’t tried to get a “Santana” to e as such. In fact I have roughly zero interest in trying to get anyone’s tone. No matter what I do I'll never sound like Carlos or Pat or anyone else so I just go for sounds that work for me. There are a few Mark 1 Boogie profiles out there which Is probably where I would start.

  • Got the message. As a matter of fact, the Santana question was just a nostalgic one (Moonflower was one of the 3 first records I bought and those endless notes were magical for me). What the Metheny sound is concerned: that is a sound I love. Most of it is his playing technique but I wouldn't use it to play his stuff. Trying to understand a new piece of gear I thought it would be a good approach to start with something specific instead of just clicking through some presets.

    All the best from Austria and thanks again.