"Mix Ready" Bass profiles for metal?

  • I know mix ready anything is a myth but I really struggle to get a decent bass sound in my demos. The bass is an ESP LTD DF- 404 with two EMG 35P4 pickups (basically active P style pickups). The DI tone sounds great but it doesn't matter if I run it through a darkglass, sansamp, split bass technique it, or run it through various kemper profiles I can never get it to not sound like trash in the mix. Starting to feel like I'm just going to "And justice for all" the bass in everything.

    Here are some examples

    Pandemic (Original)

    KSE My Curse Intro Test (Very Low Bass Volume)

  • Hi

    You may mean this by "split bass technique" but have you tried to apply some parallel compression? Proper bussed compressed rather than a plugin with sidechain capabilities?

    Have you applied eq to the kick and bass so they sit together in separate eq spaces?

    I am not in a position to listen to the track at the moment.

    A good rule to is to not adjust the volume too much. If you can't hear it try to use eq to make the space as turning it up will only hide other instruments.