Matching Imprints to Profiles

  • I, for one, would really love it if the profile vendors and those uploading profiles to the RE with Kabinet/Kone axx would update/add a note as to which imprint (if any) and settings most closely match the speaker they are profiling. HW @ ToneJunkie has pointed out that some imprints actually sound better than the originals because they allow for some degree of speaker tweaking. Being able to A/B the Kab/Kone in the same room as the original amp/speaker/cabinet would allow for the closest possible approximation. I know there's a thread for saying which imprints folks like best with specific profiles... but I'm looking for something less subjective (although, of course its not possible to be entirely objective) as to which imprints resemble the rig closest.

    Any interest in this?