Fender '64 Deluxe Reverb profiles

  • msuijs,
    Did you ever make the Morgan Profiles? Would love to hear them

    also, if you could share in more detail how i can attempt your profiling techniques, I’d love to profile my 65amps tupelo and share it with everyone.

    I have a suhr reactive load and wonder if the same IR you used on the DLR would fit well with this. I’m just not exactly sure how the process works.

  • Hi,
    I didn't make profiles of the Morgan amp.
    I sold the Kemper so I won't be making new profiles.

    I you want to profile your amp using the Suhr Reactive Load IR, I think the process of profiling I not so complicated.
    Before profiling, just setup your amp and load box with IR's to the sound you like and want to profile.
    Listen to the sound coming from the load box, not from a cabinet if you use one.
    If you have a sound which you like connect everything to the Kemper.
    Be sure to set the levels properly, 'cause you don't want to overload the Kemper.
    Start the process and fine tune the profile by playing guitar. I normally play some lines on lower strings all over the neck and do the same on the higher strings.

    Good luck