Kemper Stage lost morph ability after beta install

  • Howdy friends.

    A while back I decided I'd be fearless and update my Kemper Stage to the beta version so I could use the GUI on the Rig Manager. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch, but then I discovered that my ability to use the morph feature had disappeared. Since I didn't use the feature all that often, I figured I'd just wait for the public release of the profiler OS and Rig Manager because I assumed the problem would likely fix itself at that point. Well, a few updates into it, and I am still having the same issue. Where once I had the ability to switch the morphed version of a particular rig by stepping on the switch a second time, now, when I step on the switch nothing happens, but if I have some heavy reverb on, it will cut it short and reset the tone. I've tried digging into the profiler settings to find out if I just changed a setting and didn't know it, but I can't find anything that would be appear to be the cause.

    I'm all out of ideas, but open to suggestions!


  • System meny page 3. Tick " Rig Button Morph"

    If not stepping on the switch a second time will get you to the stored state of the rig/performance.

    Kemper Stage, KPA head, Remote, L-Acoustics 108P active FRFR monitor

  • Just got KP & Remote back from Kemper Service Centre for a small niggle, which they fixed but the Hardware needed full factory restore back in my studio.

    Guess what? Last time I touched ANY of the set up gizmo's was 4 years ago.

    Could NOT remember where Morph item above was!!!

    Many Thanks Boogiem.