Which hardware could improve my sound?

  • Hi,

    since I can't mic the Kemper, I can only record guitars by entering directly to my audio interface. I know that the microphoned guitars are the best way to record and they are much easier to manipulate, but I'm wondering if some hardware could help me to improve my sound, expecially for high gain rigs, that often they suffer for weak low-end or high frequencies sounds too "fake".

    I'm just talking about how to get a more "real" sound at its source, if some specific hardware could help to improve the sound itself (of course within the digital sound limits)

    Thank you all

  • Hi

    You can record Kemper directly connected on your audio interface with a great sound: any kind of hardware is not needed.

    Could be improved with spdif connection between kemper out and audio interface in.

    Are you sure that cabinet is enable on output ?

    Try to cut high frequency usually around 4-5 k for less digital sound...


  • The KPAs main strength is its ability to provide quality sounds for recording. Other than an audio interface, no other hardware is needed.

    There's already a mic in any profile containing a cab, you do not need another. If you don't like the sounds, use a different profile, a different cab in the profile or some post EQ.