Top Jimi & the Kemper Kabinet

  • My Kabinet arrived today, and I'm having a little trouble figuring out what I should do to get the best sounds out of the Top Jimi profiles. Are these the two options:

    1. Uncheck "Monitor Cab Off" to enter FRFR mode and then use the "unmerged" profiles that include cabinet simulation, or

    2. Use the "merged" profiles, check "monitor cab off" to enter cabinet simulation mode and then choose the desired "imprint" myself?

    I'm confused... So thanks in advance!

  • If you wish to try and use imprints with them, I would recommend using the merged profiles with the cab off. That should get you closer to the actual amp sound. But you should try both ways and decide what sounds best for your setup and your ears.

  • You can use Merged or Studio Rigs with either of the two options.