Best Stevie Ray Vaughan profiles???

  • Good morning,

    I'm on the search for some great classic SRV profiles.

    I have modified a couple the best that I can but I'm interested what other forum users have found or created, whether free or commercial.

    Stay safe y'all.

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  • I get some pretty good approximations with the free profiles from Texas Blues Alley. I run the Kemper through a Fryetrte LX II to a 1x12 Celestion V-type and they sound pretty good overall. Nothings to going to nail it, but I like the way they sound.

    Here's the link to TBA's Kemper info page:…ear-index/kemper-profiler Check that site out, He's got some killer tone tips and info as well as tutorials.

    I also use M Britt's SRV profiles. They do a good job also.

  • VG-FENvibSRVdrive is very good rig.

    I had a few of presence and medium.

    I see too, that is better sound with Smitty 64 blues pickups, or Van Zandt blues pickups (i'm not convinced for Van Zandt)

    Someone has an opinion ?

  • Hey Juluxx. I'm the user who created the VG-FENvibSRVdrive and I'm glad you like it. I used my Fender 68 Vibrolux with 2/10 Celestion speakers. SRV used a Vibrolux as one of His amps, but mostly in the Studio I think.

    I have Three different Strats that I use for that Profile and all three have different sets of pickups. I have a 62 reissue which I upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncan Antiquities 60's surfer set with a hotter bridge and it sounds frigging awesome. My other 60's custom luthier built Strat and it has custom hand-wound pickups from Australia called Sliders. they have a more vintage vibe from late 50's and they definitely ring true 50's tone. The sliders are very expensive but so are the Seymour Duncans although not as expensive as Sliders. Hope you find good use for the SRV profile. If you're interested, All the profiles I created have VG in the title, but they may also come up in a search under 'Vinsanity'. On rig exchange of course.

  • Thanks you.

    Your rigs are very good. really. thank U Vinsanity58 ^^

    I prefer rigs from Vibrolux that enormious Vibroverb . There's must of 'precisely'.

    I don't have the granularity and it comes from my neck pickup. (V-mod)

    I'm, almost, sure that the Alnico types and DC resistance are reasons.

    I keep your reference about your pickups ;) (Australian Sliders 59 , Seymour Duncan Antiquities)

    Do u know or try Smitty blues 64 pickups ?

  • Get a decent edge of breakup profile, there are so many. I’ve owned a bunch of amps to get his tone, and the cab is the biggest factor. A JBL 15” is my favorite. It’s the only cab that can get the whomp of SRVs 13 gauge strings.

    Start with a Lenny tone, push it with a boost to get to edge of breakup, and then hit the GS for leads.

    and...... play hard! Very hard! Get down to bare wood with some self-relicing....

  • Only learned recently he uses 13 strings, lunatic.

    Yeah his high E was a 13. Supposedly he had a custom set. 13 high E then the rest were more in line with a set of 11's except for the low E which was like a 58 (Just recalling from memory, please excuse me if I'm wrong) I had a strat strung like this and it did give just a touch more thickness to the high and low notes. I changed them back to a regular 11 set because I was lazy and didn't want to take the time to get use to differences in the feel of the string gauges.

  • The question was for Kemper profiles, not for strings or playing techniques.

    Well, the different sized strings will affect the profiles sound, correct? They go hand in hand, and I dare say without the guitar itself there wouldnt even be a Kemper lol. ^^

    If you use FRFR the benefit of a merged profile is that the cabinet is totally separated in the profile.

    For my edification only... :D Kemper/Helix user